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Wine & More

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old
Child 3-12 years old
Baby 0-2 years old

A unique opportunity to dive in the culture and tradition of Alentejo

Our city is beautiful, but so is its neighbor, Alentejo. Let’s get out of the urban and historical environment and see Évora’s surroundings. As a traveler, this can be your opportunity to truly get to know the region, our culture, and traditions. We will show you special places that define who we are. You can talk to locals and gain an understanding of what it’s like to live here.

Our towns and villages are places where you can find the ancestral activities of Alentejo. We will take to sites that maybe could only exist in your imagination. Wine might be what better defines Alentejo and its people. There will be no farewell without a glass of wine or two!