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About us

João Godinho

João is our main guide. Born and raised in Lisbon, but has Évora in his heart. Although he grew in Lisbon, he lives and lived in full of our city. While younger, all summer vacations, weekends and holidays were spent wandering the streets of Évora and the roads of Alentejo. He decided to make a family in the city he loves and now he wants you to know why such a great love for Évora and Alentejo.

Hugo Silva

If Hugo was married to Alentejo, for sure photography would be his mistress. Many of the photos on our site have his signature. Although he has another job it is in photography that he spends a lot of his time. If by any chance, you are also a photography lover, you can talk with Hugo to know the best spots and exchange opinions about this issue. Depending on availability a photography tour is always an option.

José Francisco Banha

Francisco is the true child of Évora. Here he has lived all his life, and there’s no other place where he would like to go. His passion for Évora made him to embark in its history. It was Francisco who shared his knowledge for all the stories about the city that we put together for you. Talking with him you will understand how is to love our city. At Évora he grew, studied and raised a family. Here he lives to share his city with you.

João Rosmaninho

Évora native, growing up in the city he had the pleasure of living and exploring every nook and cranny of our beautiful home-town. Growing up surrounded by Évora charming historic backcground, he gained an imense fascination with history, learning every fact, from prehistory to the modern day! Attending the University in Lisbon, did his degree in archaeology and gained a deeper understanding of the past. Now he has returned to where he was born, and now guide newcomers and visitors through the city, using his insights to showcase the colourful history of Évora.