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Alentejo, Portugal

About the region

Alentejo is the biggest region in Portugal, where agriculture and cattle breeding is the most common activity. Also historically our region is considered very important, it was here where very important battles took place not only to form Portugal but also to defend us from invaders. Actually, it is a region also chosen by our Neolithic ancestors to live. We have an amazing climate, maybe a bit too hot in the summer, because of that the rest of the Portuguese often confuses us as lazy persons, the truth is that we love to enjoy life, eat good and drink better.


When in Alentejo, missing Monsaraz can result in a life sentence of no more traveling. There are no words to express what you fell going inside the tall walls of this medieval village. Breathtaking views and hidden secrets in each corner. Time stops to welcome you in Monsaraz.


It’s in Alentejo where most of the cork trees in the World are. In the hills of our region, you can find the Montado – cork forest. It’s an agriculture system with 1000 years, working in harmony with nature. It´s at our montado where the very famous black pig is breed in freedom.


Around Estremoz you find the tiger skin marble. In the old town climb tower made fully in marble in the 14th century. The city is divided in the old town on top of the hill, and the new down at the valley. This also a very good wine region, with lots of it around, for us to drink.


We love our artisans and this town cows bells are UNESCO heritage since 2015. It was at Alcáçovas where the first global agreement was signed in 1479, separating the known world between Spain and Portugal. At this town, you can find the ocean on land, come discover why.


You can find megalithic monuments spread all over Alentejo. Build in the Neolithic period, they testify the importance of the region for those communities. In Évora you can visit the Cromlech of Almendres and the Big Dolmen of Zambujeiro. Among others, these are very important.


This beautiful white and blue town is known for its rugs. Inspired in the Persian, the Arraiolos rugs are handmade there for about 1000 years. Go for one of the most amazing views of the region at the top of the hill castle. Don´t miss the local pastry, the sweet, lard tart of Arraiolos.


Between Évora and Estremoz you must stop at Évoramonte. It’s a top of the hill medieval village surrounded by walls and with a beautiful fort. Although never used in a battle it belongs to a defense line of castles to protect the region. Here ended our only civil war in the 18th century.


Also called “Queen of the Border”, it was very important to defend Portugal from invaders. It is surrounded by very tall fortified walls. Going under them will give you an idea of why this city was never conquered. Don’t miss the Forts and the Amoreira Aqueduct.

Vila Viçosa

If we had a King it would be here where he would live. In Portugal, this towns castle is the only with still a surrounding pit. It’s great to walk around and visit inside, the hunting and archeology museum. In this region, you can find marble quarries, world top quality stone!

Cante Alentejo

It’s the Alentejo’s Fado. Traditional polyphonic singing, so no instruments, it was born in the region fields. Sang by the rural workers while working in the countryside. About love, “Saudade” and nature themes. Is unique in the world. On the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Humanity Heritage.

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