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Adult 13+ years old
Child 3-12 years old
Baby 0-2 years old

A visit to the medieval village of Monsaraz

In this tour we visit Monsaraz. We would never allow that when coming to our region you could miss this incredible village. With breath taking views you can wonder the streets and feel that in there the time stopped. On the way there we will also visit a pottery shop at São Pedro do Corval.

Located next to the biggest artificial lake of Europe, this amazing site was during centuries one of the most important castles of the region. A place of many trades and stories. Where the Portuguese fought many battles building the destination of the country.

The whole village is UNESCO heritage, discovering it is a unique experience where the most beautiful landscapes will be unveiled. To finish big you will have the opportunity of participating in a wine tasting session, with wines that probably you have never heard, seen or tasted.