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“Nowhere any city, but Évora, was capable to tell me with purity and beauty that I am latin, that I am arab, that I am christian, that I am peninsular, that I am portuguese,- that I am the tragic blend of mystic and pagan blood that made me the miserable man we know.” (TORGA, Miguel. 1942)


“Get in Alentejo unsecured. The raw and dense land, the immobile and acre air, the slip and parched slopes dodge and offer themselves in instinctive reflections. Diving in the horizon, in very slow sunsets, the sun releases the occult.” (DACOSTA, Fernando. 2009)

Art & Culture

“It is more difficult the passage from civilization to culture then the formation of a civilization. Civilization is a collective phenomenon. Culture is an individual phenomenon. There is no culture without civilization, nor civilization that lasts without culture.” (SOBRAL DE ALMADA NEGREIROS, José. In “Ensaios”)

Come to Évora

For us, traveling is something that shapes people; visiting other places and knowing other people is our greatest wealth. Because of this, we like to show Évora, our city, just as it is, without filters and with all the hidden places. Living in Évora also contributes to our country’s history and we take pride in that.

Our tours are rated #1 of all outdoor activities in Évora on TripAdvisor

Évora Revealed!

"We got a referral from a tour company in Lisbon (We Hate Tourism Tours) for João of Backcountry Tours in Evora. We were not disappointed. We only had the day in Evora and thought a tour of this lovely walled city would entice us back the next time in Portugal and it definitely did. Joao is so knowledgeable of not only the City but its history and culture and FOOD!"

– Sarah, TripAdvisor
Book João

"Arrived in Evora without any plans or itinerary and everyone advise only spend a day trip here, I say Joao has shown me it's totally wrong. You can spend 2-3 days here to explore the once Roman town, as well as neighboring villages. Stop by for wine tasting or even Olive tasting. Had a pretty good, historical and education day."

– Agoen, TripAdvisor
Professional and excellent customer service

"We organized a trip with João Godinho to see caves with pre-historic human drawings (Escoural Cave). You have to book an appointment in advance as they are closed and only open cave with a pre-booked appointment. Also, there are no buses so the tour was a good option for us. We were very lucky and happy that Joao helped us to organize everything.

– Gintare, TripAdvisor
Wonderful day out

"Our guide João is a natural and very upbeat guide. He knows his history inside out and kept us interested and informed all day. The sites we visited are top class but the guided tour turned what would have been a good day into a great one. My favourite things were the bone chapel in Evora and on the megalithic tour the womb-shaped dolmen and the visit to the cork tree farm. It was one of those days when I felt the information was not readily available and a guide filled this void. Loved it."

– Pearse, TripAdvisor